8 working method to reduce Ping in Pubg mobile android

Many Pubg players face this problem that while playing games their ping goes too high which makes gameplay intense tough. If your opponent is a noob but he has low ping in pubg mobile than his chances to win are higher than yours.

We will provide you 8 working methods to reduce ping in Pubg mobile android. If you are using Jio, Airtel or other sim follow these methods.
Reduce Ping in Pubg mobile

How to reduce ping in Pubg mobile android

1. Delete Junk from phone

Are you play Pubg mobile while downloading background music, video etc. If you are than stop doing it because this increased use of Ram on your mobile phone and ultimately your phone started lagging.
If your phone has 3 GB ram and you had filled its storage with unwanted photos, videos, Games, etc. Delete unwanted junk from your phone stop using split screen. 
Reduce Ping in Pubg mobile

 2. Reduce ping in Pubg mobile Jio sim 

Jio network increasing day by day in fact Jio is the fastest internet service provider with cheap plans compare with other companies.

 If your Jio speed is less than your area must not have the nearest jio tower. The number of users per tower may be higher in your area. 
You must notice the speed at 12.00 pm and compare this speed at 8.00am huge difference. You can even call Jio customer care about the speed issues.

Jio high ping Pubg

You can change Jio Apn setting from your mobile phone to increase a little bit of signal. But if Jio tower is not near within the mobile signal range than this will not work but you can try.

If does not work change to reset to default option. For this, you can but signal booster devices from Amazon or Flipkart this will work for you.

If you are searching for a new phone then Redmi k30 Pro latest launch.
Name – Jio4G
APN – Jionet
Server- www.google.com or jio.com
Apn Protocol- IPV4/IPV6

Reduce Ping in Pubg mobile

3. Disable auto-updates 

If Google play store setting is set on “Update on mobile data” then you should change this to when “on wifi” or simply close this update manually.
By doing this you will save your Internet connection for ex: If you recharge Jio number with 199/- jio plan then you will get 1.50GB daily data. And if you use 50% then your speed will be reduced by jio company. 
Check pubg mobile latest update full details.
Reduce Ping in Pubg mobile

4. Upgrade your phone

If you play Pubg mobile with 2GB Ram phone it will definitely lag because this game needs storage is around more than 3GB with minimum 3GB Ram. So to play the heavy game your system must be advance.
If you play Pubg on PC or laptop but it still lags then don’t buy a new ones just upgrade your old PC with new Ram or graphic cards. You can get 4 GB Ram at price around Rs 2000/- from Amazon or Flipkart.
If you play pubg then you must know who is dynamo gaming?

5 Use wifi to Reduce ping in Pubg mobile

If you have wifi or JIO-FI but still ping is high on pubg then first check how many unwanted devices connected to your wifi It can be your Smart TV, Pc, Laptop, Mobiles. Just disconnect unwanted devices from your wifi.
Now check your distance and signal from wifi if your mobile showing only one line of wifi signal then you should change your place.
If you have JIO-FI then you can simply change its position from one to another. Don’t forget to take Pubg mobile ping test.

6. Reinstall Pubg mobile

If nothing is working Uninstall pubji mobile and then reinstall it there is sometimes technical issues. If you downloaded this game after a new pubg update then it takes time to work properly.
If you don’t want to delete pubg mobile then simply Do click on repair option that Pubg mobile provides. Now you should log out to Pubg and log in again.

7. Use Mobile cleaner

You don’t have to download a new cleaner like du speed cleaner every mobile company provides its own mobile cleaner or virus checker
You just open you will see different options like Phone stage if it is red than your phone is high risk. You can simply delete unwanted files, photos, videos. 
Game apk more than 1GB simply with one click you can delete.

8. Use game booster Pubg mobile

You can use a game booster for pubg mobile download this from play store. You should not enter your Pubg mobile username and password.
In some cases, Pubg system recognizes that you are hacking pubg mobile android.
Reduce Ping in Pubg mobile

How to download Pubg mobile in android

Without giving you big article just download from google play store link: Pubg mobile
Download this game after successfully download it will install try to delete the unwanted files, photos.
After installing let’s play!!

How to Download Pubg lite APK

Without giving you big article just download from google play store link: Pubg lite
Download this game after successfully download it will install try to delete an unwanted files, photos.
After installing let’s play!!

How much you should play Pubg mobile?

This question is asked by many players especially between the age 14 to 16. If you are playing any game not only Pubg more than 4hrs to 8hrs then you’re in heavy risk.
If you became a Gaming addict and you’re playing games for 8 hrs it will affect your daily life. You will be tired, headaches, Eyes red or itching.
It will also affect your mental health also but good news you can change it. You can reduce playing to 1hrs to 2hrs try to not increase more than 1hrs.
It takes time to change it to 1hrs you can simply set time for playing Pubg.
Reduce Ping in Pubg mobile

Download Pubg mobile in PC or Laptop

If you want to play pubg in pc or laptop then you need to install an emulator on your PC. You can download any emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, etc. 
But these work on a heavy pc system.
You can play  Pubg in low pc configuration just download official pubg emulator Tencent gaming buddy.
Simple download link Tencent gaming emulator download and play ENJOY!!


If you find this post helpful feel free to share it. By doing this we are sure that you will get reduce Ping in Pubg mobile. If you have some issue feel free to connect via social media.  At last, don’t forget to share this post.  

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