5G in India launch: Final stage coming in weeks

5G in India launch

5G in India Launch: Final stage and coming in weeks? Finally 5G is coming and getting launched. Users in India had purchased 5G smartphones and 5G connectivity is also getting installed.

5G in India comes in tech news when FM Nirmala sitharaman on Budget 2022 said 5G spectrums auction will be held in coming days. After this 5G will be officially launch in India.

Companies Jio, Airtel had already started their trail services to 5G Connectivity in India.

5G in India launch

5G in India launch will be in coming weeks once the 5G spectrum auction is completed. According to Union minister 5g spectrum, Services in India is on last stage and getting ready to launch. According to techkhera, companies Jio and Airtel are first runners for setting up 5G services.

The government and users strictly avoided china’s technology and their intervention on 5g in India.

5G launch in India will be 100% made in India most of parts will be developed in India. India’s Electronic manufacturing will cross mark $100 Billion in upcoming years.

According to reports Making Chips to Semiconductor huge boost has been already done.

Telecom companies also seeing scope to expand broadband and optical fibers services in Rural and remote areas.

5G in India launch

What price you pay in 5G in India?

5G is officially coming in India but it comes with some question what cost monthly or yearly will be set by companies. Is comman man able to afford 5g services?

According to user reported that will 5G be TRUE 5G in SPEED. If in 5G also you get 1mbs to 3mbps speed of download and upload. then why to pay high price.

Network problems weekly maintenance and connection lost are very common after paying huge money.

Is 5G services are getting delayed by companies or government steps? A user reported that he is frustrated of low speed even paying so much money.

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