5 reasons why you should stop using Tiktok | Roposo best tiktok alternative

Reasons why roposo is the best alternative of Tiktok

Stop using Tiktok use Roposo

If you are a fan of Tiktok then you should try to install Roposo it is an Indian app and many have comparing this app to Tik Tok it is very similar. Each app is very unique when we compare its functions, features. Roposo app is getting viral on social media platform company confirms that it is getting millions of users.

Stop using Tiktok use Roposo

Design and build in India

It is fully designed and build in India and you can say it is 100% pure desi app the best part of this is you can also earn from this app however you can’t earn from Tiktok but roposo gives you a decent amount of money if your video getting views.

When everyone is boycotting made in China since we know that China had attacked our brave Indian soldiers so full nation is demanding to boycott Chinese products and apps however for our India it is not easy to Boycott Chinese products because it is very cheap and good in a budget but is it right today then tomorrow we can also build.

When everyone is boycotting Chinese apps then you should download Indian app roposo which is very same to the Tik Tok app. Roposo is also a short video sharing platform you can upload and edit from your smartphone.

Download Roposo app: Playstore

Official website: Roposo

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How to earn from Roposo app

The best part of this is is app is you can also earn from this app so roposo Tik Tok does not give you any money it just gives the same.

Stop using Tiktok use Roposo

Who is the founder of Roposo app

Well, this is developed in India and The CEO and co-founder of this app is Mayank Bhangadia who had already studied from India’s prestigious institute (Indian Institute of Technology) IIT.

1. Privacy 

Tiktok and many other Chinese apps found in tracking and leaking users’ data. Even USA already told not to use Tiktok it can leak information like your Personal name, Bank details if you add, Mobile number, location. Its very easy for the app to trace your number and locations because when you install these apps On starting they ask for some permissions i .e Locations access, data storage, Tracking other apps. 

Stop using Tiktok use Roposo

Tiktok users in India

Well, India is having the highest population in the world On starting when tik tok gets famous more than 20% of its users are only from India. Millions of Indians is using tiktok but when Tiktok started selling Indians data to Chinese security TikTok losing its users at peak.

Even the government Ban TikTok in March for exposing users data as well as making harmful videos. But after changing its policies TikTok is again open for all. 

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Content of TikTok

Tiktokers is publishing any type of rubbish videos and tik tok is promoting that Recent days Some fame tiktoker in India using acids in relations and this video gets millions of views when his video gets viral on Internet Tik tok team suspended his channel. Then after two days he again makes a new account on TikTok and again publishing videos.

Recently many lost their lives because of this app TikTok some are doing very dangerous stunts, shooting TikTok video on Rail tracks. Even today Fame Tiktoker Siya Kakkar committed suicide who is having around more than 2 million followers. 

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Chances of going viral your video

Yes, If you say something or gives any opinion on china your video as well as your channel will get deleted this is a policy given from china to TikTok. As I know when the Chinese killed our brave  Indian soldiers many videos deleted by TikTok.

Tiktok vs Youtube

We know this that tiktok has zero percent policy against its content everyone is fighing On tiktok vs Youtube. Fame YouTuber Carryminati Roasted tiktoker uploading nudity contents and this video gets viral only in 24 hrs. This video already gets 10millions of like and millions of views without even coming on trending page.

But we are very disappointed with Youtube because this video is deleted when someone is saying right then why youtube deleted his video. Even that video had already become most liked nonmusic video.  Famous tiktokers who is having more than 20 million followers caught in making abusing YouTubers on social media app Instagram.

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Roposo money and jobs 

Tiktok became a Chinese millions dollars company earn from tiktoker but never give them money. It is same as your working in a big company with no money. Tiktok is earning millions of dollars from your videos earning from sponsors, Ads. Even TikTok released its ads platforms but they never gives money.

These big companies contribute high in development, Employment, GDP etc So you should support yout nation by just installing an app. Roposo already hit 50 million users only in one months and  This app is really getting popular in India. 

We know this on starting Roposo needs to change some features or add new one but later on Roposo will updates and make app more good.

Indian app Remove china apps

Indian app Remove china based app when you install this app on your smartphone it will automatically detect china apps like Tiktok, Xender, Pubg and with only one tap you will delete all china apps. But again Google play store deleted that app you will no longer see this app on Playstore. 

No reason is given to us why this app is deleted from play store as its getting really very popular.

Actors deleting Tiktok accounts

We know that actors have millions of followers many actors already deleted their account because They want Made in India and to promote Indian products and apps. However government can help a lot if they see this topic.

Campaign #banchinaproducts is ranking worldwide since this coronavirus USA already ban chinese trade. Every nation is now boycotting china products because of COVID-19. Every day on twitter ban china is trending worldwide.

Roposo founder Interview

On his latest interview CEO and co-founder, Mayank Bhangadia has told us that they are continuously changing features of Roposo adding more languages English, Hindi is default but adding more Telugu, Punjabi and many more so making users easier to use this app. Even he says that is using AI technology they are checking their videos if some videos regulate their policies they delete the video.

They are also adding functions like report user who is violating laws they will check and if they find a suspicious activity they will suspend his channel.

Roposo is adding more categories adding Entertainment, or if you have some unique quality then you should come on Roposo. 

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