5 Reasons why Garena free fire is pay to win game ?

5 Reasons why Garena free fire is pay to win game?
Garena free fire is a popular battleground multiplayer game which is developed in Singapore. Garena free fire download is more than 500 million and its active player around the globe is millions. 
Garena free fire is pay to win game because noob can easily reach global because of No rank drop, Double rank tokens, Gun skins, Hackers.
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Why Garena free fire is Pay to win game
Well, Garena free fire is actually op game it focuses on low compatibility devices its download size is just around 550 and its really tough to give such op game, graphics, controls in this size.
Garena free fire
1. No Rank Drop 
Garena free fire in its season 2 pr 3 give an event on claiming No rank drop card. If you have this no rank card your rank will not minus. I don’t know why Garena takes too much time to remove this card. Now noobs who use this card are sitting in globally while pro who have skilled nobody is talking about them.
2.Double Rank token
Garena was also given an event around 2 yrs back of Claiming Double rank token. So this game is now totally biased Now a pro player who is having a level of above 70 levels will never reach in global even if he has so much skilled. Noobs are using No rank card and double rank tokens so they can go easily in grandmasters or global players.
3. Hp characters 
After doing these things Garena doest not stop now Free fire launch a new character called Alok where it can instantly increase health for 15 to 20seconds. Its cost is around 600 diamonds. Means if u have money then u can buy all characters with a special skill which will help him in game. Not only characters also even in pets like the panda, dog, cat, Falco every pet has a special skill which will help u in-game.
4. Gun skins
Everyone likes a new gun skins right? No u are wrong but what if a gun skin increases damages, Rate of fire, Recoil. By these gun skin noob who can afford gun skins can easily kill pro player. 
Gunpower with skins: I bullet will give around 40 damage without gun skin is only 20 with so many recoils.
5. Hackers 
Now hackers in free fire is increasing day by day Garena free fire is not banning id’s first they banned hacker id then again id got banned. Global top players are found using hacks, scripts. Hackers killing pro players with only 1 shot.
If Garena free fire focuses on these points it will become the world’s best game. 
Youtubers who raise this voice is Gyan gaming you can find his channel on youtube. Even I also stream this game on youtube I have given my youtube channel link.

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