10 ways to grow and get unlimited vigo video flames in 2020

Vigo video flames  if you are still struggling in 2020 than don’t worry we have 10 ways to earn vigo flames. There are many creators on vigo who are earning $1000 per month don’t surprise if your content is powerful and people are enjoying your videos than even $1000 is less.

Vigo flames are very important in vigo because if you are not getting flames on vigo than you can’t earn money. This would be tough because there are many unique content and creators are already present but this does not mean you can’t grow.

I always tell my audience try to create good and unique videos because at last “Content is king”. Try to understand your audience because you need to understand what audience wants from you.

Vigo flames
Vigo flames 

What is vigo flames and how to get more

Vigo flames are important in vigo because when you upload video on vigo they will give you 15-20 vigo flames. If your video is unique and people’s are sharing, liking your video than you will also get more vigo flames.
When you downloaded vigo app from playstore than you must ask yourself how vigo gave us money ? How much is the limit to withdrawl money? So we also covers these question the most asked is How much dollar if we convert Vigo flames to dollar that is 0.00015$.
The best part is you can withdrawl $1 if you reached and they will give you through Paypal. It will take around 6-10 days to come in your Paypal wallet.

Grow tik tok followers

Vigo flames
Vigo flames 

Vigo flames earn more

Vigo video is similar to tiktok  you can create your own unique video at least 15 sec longer. You can create your own fan base not only from your country to worldwide. The best feature is you will get more and more likes 1M. 
If you are a celebrity than it would be very easy for you because you already had a fanbase people already know you. For those who are not or a non – celebrity once your one or two videos goes viral you are no more common you had become a celebrity.

How to make eye catching thmbnails

Vigo flames
Vigo flames 

Try to beat competetion in your category

You are not only one who is uploading videos on Vigo you just its downloads around 100million not only playstore but all other source. Try to make different videos gave your 100% that even 1 person watches your video he will follows you thats what we want at end!!
If you are making comedy videos than try do not over act because nobody like that if you can’t purchase Dslr which worth around Rs 1 lakh. Don’t buy because it is not mandatory for you because you are just starting.

Try to buy mic

 because viewers can watch videos on avg quality this does not mean your video pixels are cracking or video is not clear. Too much background noise no one will watch you need some silent space where you can shoot your videos.

Do some homework on Vigo

Just imagine you are making or acting on Vigo video you forget some dialogue or line. Or you are not looking confident you are not seeing camera when you record. It is very important when you record something you need to look into camera.

Eye contact

It will make eye focus with your visitors. If you’re making video and not seeing into camera seeing somewhere else so nobody will follow you.


means you need some preparations for example you are making comedy videos try to make some scripts or proper written on some page.
Practise infront of mirror or act in front of your friends or family instead of going directly to stage without any preparations.

More energy and fresh content

If audience is not loving your content than try to add more energy on your content for ex: If you’re shooting some videos and you are feeling so lazy still making videos it will not goona works!!

Make some fresh content on vigo 

choose some trending topics like New year coming try to make video on this topic. Audience will enjoy if you make How i celebrated my New year. 

Use some good and trending tags 

you can’t forget Hashtags that are very famous today. For ex: If your video is on comedy add #comedy add #newvideo these tags are very popular if someone click this and you add this tag than your videos get views.


It is just like featured post or image that will show to your audience Try to make eye catching thumbnail. Don’t clickbait because you will get no watch time and no followers. 
Eye catching thumbnails you can make through Canva best for thumbnails. No need to buy some paid versions. Make some different pose show your creativity.


Consistency is important on starting you will not get views because you don’t have audience but wait have some patience it will take time.Try to upload video regularly. 


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